25 Experiences to Add to Your Kids Bucket List

We have all heard of the concept of a bucket list, and helping your kids create their own bucket list is a fun experience. You learn a lot about what’s important to them, and can help them achieve their dreams by planning their list together.

Today we are fulfilling one of my kids bucket list goals-being an extra on a Disney show! A lot of movies and TV shows are filmed in Utah and today I am with my two teenagers on set at the Andi Mack Disney show where they are extras for the day. So much fun! 

Bucket List TV Extra
Bucket List TV Extra

I think as we go through life it is important to grab hold of the moments and try new things, daily if possible. There are so many ways we can give our kids growing experiences, things they will remember forever. Here are a few experiences from my youth that made me stretch and grow and give me something in my ripe old age of 40 to look back on with fondness.

25 Bucket List Ideas for Kids and Teens

  1. Be an extra on a TV show or movie.
  2. Fly on an airplane alone. 
  3. Speak in front of a large audience. 
  4. Go on a terrifying roller coaster.
  5. Run for student council.
  6. Play a team sport and learn good teamwork
  7. Learn to play a musical instrument and perform in front of an audience.
  8. Play an individual sport to learn to rely on yourself.
  9. Try out for a school play.
  10. Write a short story and submit to a publisher.
  11. Ask someone to a formal dance at school.
  12. Learn to drive. 
  13. Go on an overnight backpacking trip.
  14. Take a long road trip with your family. 
  15. Interview someone who has made a difference in the world.
  16. Start a charity that benefits others (ie: coat drive, fundraiser etc)
  17. Serve food at a local soup kitchen.
  18. Start a blog about something you are passionate about. 
  19. Read one of the great American novels.
  20. Write the next great American novel (I never quite finished this one!).
  21. Film a short documentary about a topic you love.
  22. Have your first kiss and your first heartbreak.
  23. Apply to a college you never expect to get into.
  24. Take a college semester to go study abroad somewhere amazing.
  25. Test your limits and never forget that you have final say over your own happiness.

Time with our kids goes so fast. Enjoy each moment, help them create a bucket list, and go for it!



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