5 ways to become a Positive Person

Negativity goes by many names: playing the devils advocate, constructive criticism of a situation, saying it like it is. But no matter the name you give it, negativity stinks and will ruin our health and relationships unless we can make a change to becoming a positive person.

If I am being honest I would have to say that I am generally a negative person. I tend to worry a lot and look for what could go wrong instead of right in a situation. And I feel compelled to share my ‘observations’ with everyone. For whatever reason my brain always looks for and sees the negative in a situation, person, thing, even billboards on the freeway-my eyes are drawn to the typos!

Impact of Being Negative

Lately I have been noticing the impact on myself and my relationships because of my negativity.

  • I have a harder time seeing the good in my kids, instead immediately harping on them for a slight mis-deed or error. So we don’t have as many positive interactions and they don’t share with me as much.
  • My husband is less interested in sharing his day with me because I grab onto the one bad thing he shares like a dog with a bone and rehash the issue over and over until he’s tuned out.
  • My kids are never sure if they are going to get the happy cheerful mom, or the Eeyore mama.

I could blame some of this on my family history of depression and mental instability (lots of crazy in my family tree!), but I would rather take ownership and change to become a positive person.

Where Does Negative Thinking Start? 

It all starts with thinking small negative thoughts. Thinking thoughts like:  “It’s too hard.” “I’m too busy.” “That’s impossible.” “It’s never worked before.” “No, not yet.” “I don’t have enough time.” “I’m exhausted. I’m tired.” “I hate it.” “It’s stupid”. “She’s so annoying.” “I should. She should. He should.” “He hurt my feelings.” “She’s dumb.” These are all negative thoughts.

These thoughts often come into my mind without me consciously trying. Knee jerk reactions to what is going on around me. But they are impacting my overall feelings and energy.

I might think I am just stating a fact or observing a situation, but what I am doing is pulling negativity into my life and my emotions are paying the price.

Even worse, when I start sharing these negative thoughts out loud it’s like spreading a toxin in the air. It effects everybody around me. “If Mama ‘aint happy ‘aint nobody happy!”

Changing my thoughts to becoming a positive person is really hard. Here are a few things I am doing to become a more happy and positive person.

5 Ways I am Working on Being a Positive Person

1. Keeping my diet clean. When I eat sugar and processed foods I feel like garbage and it makes it easier for me to be lazy in my body and my thinking. So to keep my thinking high level I need to keep my food clean. For me that means cutting out sugars and processed foods, more proteins, less carbs, and lots of fruits and veggies. And tons of water!! 

Eat Whole Foods

2. Write in a gratitude journal. I started writing each night a few things I am grateful for. Gratitude is the key to happiness and contentment, and I do feel different when a take a minute to ‘count my blessings’.

Keep a Gratitude Journal

3. Snap myself when a negative thought comes in. My mom gave me this idea-keeping a rubber band on my wrist and when a knee jerk negative thought comes into my mind, give a little wrist snap. Mostly to bring awareness to my mind to STOP and change direction. Obviously don’t do this hard enough to injure yourself-just to get your own attention.

Get your Own Attention to Stop Negative Thoughts

4. Get enough rest. When I am tired, everything seems worse. So this might mean sneaking in a nap, or leaving the house untidy so I can get to bed earlier. Planning ahead can also help with this to keep my schedule running smoothly.

Get More Rest

5. Exercise. Moving makes me feel happier and more positive. Endorphins are rushing, heart is pumping and the world looks brighter. My go to’s are HIIT training, yoga and running.

Yoga Can Increase your Positivity

It’s hard to change a habitual way of thinking and being, but I know the end result of a happier, more peaceful and positive me is worth it.

What are your strategies to being a positive person?

For a great article by Life Coach Brooke Castillo on overcoming Negativity, go to https://thelifecoachschool.com/155/








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