Tantrums and Ballet Tights

This morning I was plugging along in my morning routine, watching the clock knowing I had a set time to be out the door to get my 4 year old Savvy to her ballet class. She was dragging her feet, whining a bit, and not wanting to cooperate with my well planned schedule. Typical kid stuff. 

FIrst timeout of the morning came when I was mopping the kitchen and asked her to clean up her markers that were strewn across the floor in the office. Her whining took on a whole new pitch.

“Mom, you are so mean!” She blurted out. We had a ‘conversation’ about kind words and sent her to Timeout #1. 

After timeout we started to conquer the hair styling task. Her ballet studio requires a bun so I was trying to comb through her many snarls and she was acting as though her head was bleeding. Seriously, she is a decently tough kid but the moment a brush comes near her she has a total meltdown!

She’s also complaining about her darling purple leotard saying it was itchy, and stupid, and she hates it. Seriously? 

I am not a fan of word stupid, so we had another little ‘conversation’ about using good words. 

Then her tantrum reached epic proportions and I could feel my patience dwindling. I was so over it! Before I did something I would regret, I told her, “You are Done. No Ballet today. To your room.” Timeout #2.

She is currently still up in timeout. On the upside I have time now to write this post:). 

So here’s my question, when a kid claims to want to do an activity SOOO bad, and then they fight you every time it is the day to go, do you pull them? Or make them follow through on their commitment?

Honestly, with 4 kids all doing activities, I am a busy mama. So if she wanted to quit it would take a small load off of my plate.

But I really want her to get this experience AND we already signed up for the year. 

What to do? Thoughts?


1 thought on “Tantrums and Ballet Tights”

  • Make her go and discipline her another way for the whining. I let you quit piano for the same reason and you know how you feel about that. Become teflon and keep the long term vision before you.
    AND it’s not easy to keep a deaf ear to the horrible sound that comes out of the cutest mouths!!

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