7 Great Hacks to Being on Time

I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date. The only thing I am missing are the bunny ears and the pocket watch. As my kids have gotten older and busier I often feel that I just run from one activity to the next, constantly spinning that hamster wheel and never quite up to speed.

I felt like I was always that kid last to be picked up from activites or waiting on the school steps forever to go to an orthodonist appointment. Now many decades of experience later I have greater respect for my mom and our busy family of 5 kids and realize how amazing she was at being on time so often.

Even so, I try very hard to be an on time person. But…I’ll admit I’m not always the best. My biggest downfall? Always thinking I have time to do one more thing. And suddenly that one more thing has made me late for carpool, doctor appointments, lunch dates etc.

I’ve tried many different strategies to keeping myself on time and here are a few that might help you if you run around feeling like the white rabbit on occasion.

Be on Time Hacks

1. Set alerts on your phone 10 and 5 minutes before you actually need to be heading out the door. This gives you time to finish that one last thing before you need to leave.

2. Stop multitasking!! We are so funny to think that by doing more than one thing at a time we are faster. What actually happens is we forget what we are doing and take even longer and make mistakes. Do one thing at a time, see it to completion and then move on. 

3. Have a gathering place for everything you will need to take with you the next time you head out. I like to gather everything for the next day the evening before and either have it right by the door or actually put it in the car. Then when it is time to go I have all the library books to return, clothes to exchange at Kohls, and stocked yoga bag for the next class I am teaching ready to go. 

4. Keep a Go Bag ready in your car. A Go Bag is a bag of essentials for yourself and your kiddos. Things like snacks, water, crayons, activities or toys, feminine hygiene items, tissue, diapers, wipes, or an extra change of clothes for short people. Anything your family might need when away from the house. This helps avoid those last minute ‘I Forgot’ runs back into the house from the car when you are already late. 

5. Schedule emergency time. When you schedule your day so tight that everything must go perfectly, you are almost asking the universe to send you an emergency to show you who’s really in control. So give yourself wiggle room if you can. Don’t plan a doctors appointment 15 minutes following another commitment when you need 15 minutes to drive there. Double the time it would take and arrive leisurely and without stress. You and your kids will thank you. 

6. Keep a calendar. This seems to be obvious, but many people do not keep a calendar that is updated regularly. There are so many digital devices now that are easy to view for anywhere. When you find out about a commitment, immediately put it in your calendar. Put in your kiddos activities too, and anything your husband has that may impact the family schedule. More calendar ideas. 

7. Make a commitment to be on time. It is possible for us to be on time. When something is important to us, we do whatever it takes to make it happen. That includes arriving on time. If you find yourself chronically late, do some thought work about this subject. What is your payoff for being late? Does it make you feel important because you always have so much going on you can’t be on time? Does it subconsciously give you power over the other person who is waiting for you? Or did the baby just have a blowout diaper and that’s why you are late? Only you can truly discover the truth behind your actions but it is worth exploring.

So as you run carpool, drive to work and doctors appointments and playgroup, notice what your thoughts are about time. It’s all just a made up concept anyhow, so make it work FOR you instead of fighting AGAINST time.

You actually have all the time in the world. Now that sentence feels good. 


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